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      The Training Division of TSE is the National Reconnaissance Battle Lab (NRBL). The NRBL is headquartered in a secure facility on the TSE campus in Fayetteville, NC. We are staffed by personnel that have conducted real world tactical surveillance and reconnaissance in hostile locations in support of national directives.  

      Our mission is to provide clients with the knowledge necessary to successfully plan and execute technical surveillance operations in a tactical environment. This is accomplished through comprehensive training in mission planning; installation, operation, maintenance (IOM), and recovery of technical surveillance equipment; and processing of real-time and recovered data for incorporation into intelligence or evidence packages. We train on all aspects of technical surveillance, and focus on equipping students to attain positive results to difficult tactical problems while reducing the manpower requirements and the overall risk to friendly forces inherent in traditional surveillance operations.  

      Training at the NRBL spans from the basics (e.g. “this is a camera”) to advanced scenario-based events that incorporate tactical electronic warfare; tactical communications; Low Level Voice Intercept (LLVI); over-the-horizon streaming video; tagging, tracking, and locating (HFTTL); covert audio and video collection; surreptitious entry; mold making; concealments; and deep installations.

      Training resources include: role players, foreign languages, aircraft, watercraft, and foreign vehicles. To add to the realism of training at the NRBL, TSE, Inc. also maintains access to several buildings in urban areas for practical application.  As an added bonus, through several partnerships, TSE is now able to provide training that begins with target development and moves students through various “find, fix, and finish” scenarios to include live fire exercises. 

      The National Reconnaissance Battle Lab is made up of two academies: The National Reconnaissance Academy, which services DoD and military customers, and the Federal Technical Operations Academy, which supports the DHS, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.